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Phase 6 - Capitalise

Fully leverage your business and invest wisely so you can automatically have the lifestyle you want and leave a legacy to achieve your highest ambitions.
Module 1, Leverage Model

Analyse your options and robustly design your balanced leverage model for your best capital gain while sustaining an effective positive cash flow return.

Module 2, Project Management

Design and create an effective and detailed project management plan to implement your chosen leverage model to capitalise on your successful business system.

Module 3, Implementation

Implement all the strategies and processes in your detailed project management plan to fully leverage your business successfully and realise the capital gains.

Module 4, Due Diligence

Complete a thorough and comprehensive business due diligence analysis on your fully implemented leverage model to solve and correct any issues and anomalies that arise to further improve your potential capital gains.

Module 5, Documentation

Completely update all your business documentation to the highest working standard to guarantee the highest level of functionality and your capital return value.

Module 6, Investment

Train and develop your own skills and highly successful investment strategies to secure your ongoing pathway to ever increasing and sustainable wealth to support your ideal lifestyle.

Module 7, Banking & Finance

Develop skills, systems and relationships to have unlimited access to finance for future projects and developments to further create multiple streams of income insuring you against variations in the investment and business markets.

Module 8, Trouble Shooting

Stay in control of your income streams by having accurate and timely business intelligence at your fingertips so you can correct any issues before they escalate by activating responsive plans and using reliable problem solving technology.

Module 9, Legacy Plan

Design and create an appropriate and tailored legacy model or exit plan to manage your business and investment involvements to achieve the highest possible goals and purposes you plan to make happen.