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Phase 5 - Finely Tuned

Knock out the kinks in your operational systems to truly create an exceptional business that will lead your market niche in innovation and develop a brand of products and services that your customers can’t live without.
Module 1, Bottlenecks

Analyse and remove bottlenecks from your systems to streamline procedural flows that make it easier and better for customers to buy from you, more efficiently.

Module 2, Redundancies

Routinely review and remove superseded and redundant processes that potentially clutter and degrade the experience of your high quality customer service.

Module 3, Improvements

Install highly effective training programs for your team to learn how to improve your business systems, products and services by measuring your competition and reviewing your customer feedback, to become market leader.

Module 4, Confidence

Design and provide effectively award winning training programs for all facets of your business performances so each team member has the highest intrinsic confidence with what your products and services can do for your customers.

Module 5, Authority

Facilitate the effective transfer of ultimate authority to your team members to handle all angles of sales, product and service delivery that engenders the highest levels of competence in them.

Module 6, Customer Service

Plan and deliver the highest levels of training in customer service and assign ultimate responsibility to your team members resulting in the world’s best customer satisfaction levels that significantly boost your business profitability.

Module 7, Integration

Adjust and correct the interfaces between your systems and reward team member improvements, so the whole system works better than could have ever been anticipated with information gleaned from your operational coal face, to synergistically boost your business exponentially.

Module 8, Brand Leadership

Design and implement strategies that enhance your unique stamp on how your products and services are delivered so you are totally recognised as the preferred market supplier and your customers fight for your brand leadership.

Module 9, Meetings/Budgeting

Install systems and policies that keep your business lean and uncluttered from unproductive processes and habits, by only having budgets and meetings justified by positive improvement to the bottom line, as being realistically profitable for your business.