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Phase 4 - Team Performance

Design standards your team will work to and systems of how you will recruit the right people to work in your business and become number one in your market niche.
Module 1, Job Descriptions

Create order by writing clearly defined Job Roles and Descriptions that explain how each job is to be accomplished that enhances high team performance with happiness and harmony to achieve your vision.

Module 2, Job Contracts

Remove risk and provide clarity for each team member’s responsibilities and your expectations that supports each team member who aligns with and works towards achieving your vision.

Module 3, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Analyse and describe the KPI’s for each job role to provide challenge and the opportunity for each team member to stretch and grow, while obtaining not more than five useful business performance metrics you want to see on a weekly basis that go towards achieving your vision.

Module 4, Personality

Select a suitable personality profile instrument, then test yourself and understand your own strengths and weaknesses to appreciate the personality requirements, and install profile testing for each applicant to measure their ideal suitability for each job role.

Module 5, Presentation

Specify, document and provide high quality recruitment training for standards of presentation, communication and behaviour on display to obtain the best possible outcomes for your customers and your vision.

Module 6, Recruitment

Analyse and design a system tailored for your specific recruitment requirements that is synchronised to ideally match required skills and personality for the right roles to maximise their performance for the most favourable results.

Module 7, Innovation

Instil a culture and training for constant and never ending improvement that, sustained over time, will make your business the leader of your market niche and to become the preferred supplier of your products and services.

Module 8, Quality Control

Implement a system that gives you the market reputation for having the highest quality through reliability and consistency of excellent product and service delivery.

Module 9, Customer Satisfaction

Install discrete information gathering procedures to become the expert and market leader for always creating more satisfied and happy customers by anticipating their needs and requirements through your tailored customer satisfaction system.