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Phase 3 - Systemised

Systemise your business so your people can do your repetitive work and free you to be strategic with your marketing, product and customer service improvement.
Module 1, Highest Returning Leverage Points

Analyse and identify your two most profitable leverage points and install systems for your solutions to maximise for highest returns.

Module 2, Marketing

Install robust and resilient systems to run and measure your highest qualified lead generation marketing campaigns.

Module 3, Sales

Install highly effective operating procedures to direct your sales process thus obtaining management for better conversion rates and higher average dollar sales.

Module 4, Customer Fulfilment

Design and install a successful customer service delivery system that is effective, reliable and consistent to guarantee your customers are happy all the time.

Module 5, Business Intelligence

Harvest highly valuable business information weekly in a minimally invasive way and formulate intelligent metrics that describe how all facets of your business are performing, through production, marketing, sales and to fulfilment.

Module 6, Time & Motion

Analyse and correct to create a continuous and productive flow through all your systems so you deliver timely and quality service consistently to your customers.

Module 7, Critical Success Factors

Prioritise and document the absolute critical success factor elements and procedures of your core business that are required for you to achieve sustained profitability and business resilience.

Module 8, Operations Manual (OM)

Collate a functional OM that clearly and concisely describes how you require everything to be done for all facets of your business to keep it viable and profitable.

Module 9, Bread & Butter (80/20 Rule)

Design and document policies that focus your attention on getting 80% of your business from 20% of your customers by mining your sales data, knowing your market niche, who is bringing in most of your business and what it is they like the most about your key products and services.