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Phase 2 - Profitability

In each Phase, I take you through, step-by-step how to design and enhance your business model to increase your profitability across all possible areas, and market your real product and service value to your customers.
Phase 2 Download includes:
  • VIDEO - Enjoy *30 minutes of quality video, packed with valuable information on each Module. John Laurenson discusses each in detail illustrating key points with practical examples and applications.
  • PDF - Module Workbook.
  • PDF - Phase 2 Score Sheet. Use this sheet to rate your current business development and clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses in each particular Module. 
  • PDF - 'Plot Your Scores' Spider Chart. This chart provides a visual overview of how your business scores across each of the 9 Phases.

* Video time per Module is approximately 30 minutes, give or take a few minutes. 

Module 1, Business Model

Design a realistic, robust and profitable business model that makes you money on every transaction so all of your efforts are amply rewarded.

Module 2, Ascension Plan

Create and launch additional high quality products to extend the lifetime value of your customers.

Module 3, Added Value

Analyse and define your products and services’ real value offerings so you never have to compete on price.

Module 4, Terms & Conditions

Minimise your risk and manage your customer expectations to boost their buying experience by clearly documenting the limits of your service to cover any possible down side with minimal legalese.

Module 5, Profit Levers

Understand and set planning foundations for how you can double your profits and increase your revenue by working your available income leverage options and minimally reducing your unit cost.

Module 6, Profit & Loss

Manage your business opportunities more effectively with accurate income and cost book keeping strategies to plot your trend information that gives you overall control and financial confidence.

Module 7, Break Even

Monitor your units per time period of sales and link that knowledge to your marketing efforts, and know how many sales you need to make this week to meet your costs before you make a profit.

Module 8, Cash Flow

Provide accurate and reliable decision support for your sustainable growth strategies and to risk-manage any possible expense blow outs.

Module 9, Financial Reporting

Complete and analyse your financial returns, acknowledge your successes and lessons, then plan and strategise your goals for the next profitable year.