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Phase 1 - Viability

Start by setting a clear financial goal and align your business structure with your vision. Synchronise your product or service to your market so that it works and is sold to willing and desirous customers at a profit.

Phase 1 Download includes:

  • approximately 30 minutes of video, led by John Laurenson walking you through, and explaining each of these powerful Modules
  • PDF - Phase 1 Score Sheet
  • PDF - 'Plot Your Scores' Spider Chart


Module 1, Goals

Describe the ideal lifestyle you wish to have by comparing what you have now and where you want to be, to set a money target.

Module 2, Vision

Clearly describe your highest and most purposeful business aim that inspires and motivates your team and your customers, and how your mission proposes getting you there.

Module 3, Leadership

Describe the style of leadership you wish to exhibit and grow towards that will give you immense satisfaction while productively inspiring and motivating your team and your customers.

Module 4, Organisation Chart

Define your fully functioning business organisation structure that can happily and profitably deliver your products and services to your customers.

Module 5, Product Clarity

Analyse and tabulate your most viable products and services to define and prioritise their most customer appealing performances to understand what value you are offering.

Module 6, Market Match

Analyse your market niche to understand its awareness and sophistication to prioritise your customers’ highest desires, intensity, diversity and longevity to set the foundation for your advertising.

Module 7, Message Clarity

Clearly formulate your market message to buyers by matching your product and market analysis, composed to logically support your customers’ strongest emotional motivation compelling them to buy from you.

Module 8, Unique Value Proposition

Define what uniquely sets you apart from your competitors and makes you clearly visible to stand out and be irresistibly attractive to your customers in the crowded market place.

Module 9, Test & Measure

Install accurate and timely measurement tools to test the success of each of your marketing campaign strategies by tracking your profitable progress and provide valuable feedback for correct adjustment or support going forward.