Advanced Business School for Entrepreneurs

Executive Summary

The Advanced Business School (ABS) for Entrepreneurs is an organised series in priority sequence of proven business principles that are required for sustained profit and are true for most business scenarios and industries.

It is for people who have an existing business and for people who are starting out in business. It is for entrepreneurs who want more leverage by installing robust-adaptive systems into their business that work when you are not there, creating the opportunity for increased profit to achieve the lifestyle you want to have. Your systems keep you in control of your business and investments through the convenient and intelligent metrics supplied to you weekly.

Most people get by with the first two phases; Product and Profit but can hit the wall of Systems and Recruitment and never really manage to escape the daily grind. The ABS is designed to lead you through the maize and solve the puzzle by using synchronised and discrete processes that create the business of your dreams where you make maximum profits with less of your time.
The ABS system uses simple but reliable product and market analysis tools to measure and improve the profitability of your product and utilising a sound business model, you are ideally placed to install superior tailored systems that use the right hires to draw even bigger profits into your business at higher levels of customer satisfaction.

But there’s more. The ABS also leads you out the other side of the business maze by Fine Tuning your systems for exponential profit and market leadership, staging you to Capitalise on your hard work and leaving a Legacy.

The Advanced Business School for Entrepreneurs system has six easy phases chunked down into modules to help you create a truly successful and highly profitable business.
You can escape the daily grind and solve your business dilemmas by signing up now for the Advanced Business School for Entrepreneurs and start creating your ideal lifestyle you can sustain.

ABS Complete

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Phase 1 - Viability

Start by setting a clear financial goal and align your business structure with your vision. Synchronise your product or service to your market so that it works and is sold to willing and desirous customers at a profit.

Phase 2 - Profitability

Design and enhance your business model to increase your profitability across all possible areas and market your real product and service value to your customers.

Phase 3 - Systemised

Systemise your business so your people can do your repetitive work and free you to be strategic with your marketing, product and customer service improvement.

Phase 4 - Team Performance

Design standards your team will work to and systems of how you will recruit the right people to work in your business and become number one in your market niche.

Phase 5 - Finely Tuned

Knock out the kinks in your operational systems to truly create an exceptional business that will lead your market niche in innovation and develop a brand of products and services that your customers can’t live without.

Phase 6 - Capitalised

Fully leverage your business and invest wisely so you can automatically have the lifestyle you want and leave a legacy to achieve your highest ambitions.