GPS Target Club

Do you think you can do better than you are?

Do you want more clarity with priorities that grow your business?

Do you need more motivation and focus?

The GPS Target Club provides this and much more:


  1. 90 Day cycle Planning & Accountability sessions - Board Room style
  2. 1 to 6 executive team members per business.
  3. Set your targets and achieve them quarter by quarter to grow your business.
  4. Receive relevant and customised training, for sales, marketing, systems, recruitment, customer service and much more
  5. Obtain the secrets to superior problem solving technology
  6. Sharing of practical knowledge and experiences
  7. Coaching on how to get the best out of these sessions to help you surge forwards.
  8. Training on how to drive your business success to get more done by creating and managing your performance metrics better
  9. Mid quarter webinar training and check in
  10. Unlimited telephone support
  11. DVD’s and manuals on how to grow and leverage your business

Ask about our current special offer and secure your seat at the board room table for the next round.

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We have successfully worked with Small and Big businesses

We guarantee your results

If you don’t grow your business profitably and you do the things you say you will do, then we will happily give your money back.
In fact, we helped Eric Leese at Cottage Carpentry develop systems for his business, so he is wealthy to be free to travel the world and spend quality time with his family and friends, whenever he wants to.



Target Club Testimonials

Denise Halfpapp, CEO, Signature Promotions
“Target Club is fantastic because it provides real solutions. I’m now in control, and really feel like I know how to make more profit in my business”
20th June 2019

Calum McGonigle, CEO, Converge Design
“John has a wealth of experience in life and business. He is very well read and is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your life and business goals. The target club focuses on all the main areas of business. I would recommend it to anyone who is new in business or those who need to re-focus or re-capture their purpose / passion"
4th July 2019

Kuy Rider, Manager, Conquer Termites, Northside
"Target Club has really given me the tools and information required to steadily and successfully grow the business.
Simple yet effective methods that will increase the number of clients we have and ensure that we keep them long term.
Highly recommend this course for anyone in business!"
8th July 2019

Von Barnes, CEO, Pinnacle Properties
"The sessions at the Target Club gave me clarity and the ability to look at my business as a whole and review what we are doing great and what needs to be addressed so we can focus and get better systems to achieve our short term through to our long term goals."
8th July 2019