Living On Purpose

Thank you for embarking on your journey with me. This goal setting program is designed to help you achieve what it is you are looking for in life and to give everything you do, meaning and value.
Remember this is a process that has outcomes. The more fully you engage the process and commit to it, the more you will get out of it and reap the rewards.
I will work alongside you and make sure every step is completed with integrity so your ideal outcome is achieved so you are truly living on purpose.
Good luck and I wish you every success.



1.1 Your Life Has Meaning and Purpose

If you look back over the last ten years of your life have you really achieved what you wanted to? What would you have done differently and what would you have preferred? If you are happy with your results then you are in a rare position and you are well set to prepare and manage your next 10 years. If you think that things could be better then take your valuable time now to have a good look at how you produced the results of your life this far.


Whether you know it or not your life has meaning and purpose!

Higher than goal setting (but unattainable without it) is your Life Purpose. The more strength of purpose you have in your life, the more meaning you will have in your actions, and the events in your life will be more rewarding. The problems you will experience in your life will tend to be luxury problems (like choosing the colour of your new car) instead of cold hard survival problems (like feeding and housing yourself) which make life more like a battle than having a good time.

If you want to find out that “meaning” then pursue a life of consciously setting yourself goals in line with your purpose, and go out there and achieve them. As you progress through your life you will gain more and more information which will support you in your endeavours. If you leave it a moment longer without setting purposeful goals you will continue to get the same results you have in the past and the opposite to growth will occur. Decay! If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Even if you have set goals in the past and achieved them you still need to constantly maintain the practice of it, otherwise, your life will slip into one of mediocrity and dissatisfaction. Complacency will bring with it the sign posts of decay into your life and you could end up living your life as a “has been”.

Do you want your life to be one of growth or decay? If you want a life of growth then the only way out is to set yourself meaningful goals which inspire you to do more than you would if you didn’t set them.
To really get your life organised and wholly on track you need to set aside regular times to go through all the steps outlined here, in detail, to find out what your priorities are and what you need to do to accomplish them.

If you have difficulty with doing this then it is important you ask a professional to help you with this process. If you already have the motivation to discipline yourself with the practice of realistic goal setting you would have already done it by now. If it is just a matter of not knowing what to do then just follow the required steps below. If it is because you need support with your process then engage someone who has the necessary and precise skills to help you with it, otherwise you will live a life with no direction and you will never know if you are on track or not.


1.2 Your Life Is Already a Gold Mine

By creating a clear overview of how your life has been so far you can gain valuable information and insights about who you are, where your life has led you and what your purpose in life is. You will be able to put into perspective the events which have occurred and what effect they have had on you. You will be able to make note of the lessons you have learned, and the wins you have already had, so you are able to use these as strong supportive memories for your success in the future.

You will be able to notice the effect various people have had on your life through the choices you have made along the way. This information is valuable to you, so you can stop repeating damaging decisions and create more powerful ones which help you to achieve your own goals and purpose in life. It is also very useful for you to know what you are doing, which is already successful behaviour, to positively support your goals and quality of life.

By clearing your past, through positive and conscious acknowledgment, you will come to realise that it is “your life” and not anyone else’s and you will then be in a position to take control of it rather than have it controlled by others or your social environment. You will cease to be bounced around by other people and other events which seemingly were out of your control. You will feel empowered by having a healthy perspective on your life.




Your success is your personal version of it. Success can be enjoyed in everything you do including small, medium and major things. From tying a shoe lace, buying a car or getting married.

Your past achievements hold the secret for the foundation of your goal setting and thus Project Management and the achievement of anything. Your past achievements shine a light on your abilities to get things accomplished. By acknowledging and celebrating your past achievements you release stored energy with enthusiasm to become freshly available for new endeavours.

Your personal achievements need to be studied to understand and harness the unlimited potential that is freely available to you. By acknowledging your achievements you complete unfinished cycles of action thus freeing you for your next available opportunities. This keeps your enthusiasm alive.




The secret to establishing a life purpose for your life is to set meaning and value very high so that it guides you and draws you forward even when you are lacking confidence and feel like you are too small to go on. A Life Purpose gives you a higher purpose to work for – something much bigger than you - that may not necessarily be achieved, but it may be. It is something that the effort and striving you put in improves others’ lot in life and helps you to grow and become a better person. The personal rewards are huge because it gives you the eagle eye in almost any situation making your picture so vast. The daily grind and life’s challenges become a joy because they all lead somewhere meaningful and give you great utility and purpose to your life.

The aim of creating a life purpose for yourself is to use your natural ingrained talent to solve a problem you see or experience, thereby being in needed service and contributing some value to the quality of life as it was intended to be.

The humble bee gathers nectar from the flowers that are freely provided by nature and takes it back to its hive to further the bees’ survival. But in so doing it provides the necessary service of inadvertently pollinating flowers and thereby ensuring the continued procreation of all life on the planet because without plants on the planet we would die from carbon monoxide poisoning.
You are not here by mistake. You are here for a reason and the purpose for your life is important even though it may be intimidating for you to think about it.



Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy, simple and flexible system which gives you unlimited power to organise your goals from? This simple method of writing your goals is so simple it’s ridiculous and yet so powerful you won’t believe it until you have done it.

Most people are reluctant to write their goals down because they are afraid they won’t come true or what other people will say about them. Judgements and criticisms are so common and yet so destructive it inhibits our potential success before we even get started. Remember a goal is not a goal unless it is written down, until then it is only a dream.