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Short of Time?

The right system and leverage can set you free.

Do you feel like a hamster running endlessly on a wheel in a cage?

  • Are you stretched for time?
  • Could do better financially?
  • Carrying too much stress?
  • Want something more out of your life?

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Profit from systems and coaching that directly result in more money and more time.

Get results from the most insightful and committed business coach in Australia!

Free yourself to do all the things you have ever dreamed of by giving yourself a healthy outside perspective, motivation and accountability to make your business a profit machine without you being there.

I have thirty years business coaching/consulting and systems experience that is channelled through a world class and proven system that works through from business assessment, planning and implementation for all facets of your business functions to leverage your time out of your business and make it more profitable than ever before.

Give yourself a kick and call me now for a free 30 min conversation about your goals and start aligning yourself with the future you have always dreamed of. It’s easier than you think.

Call John now on 0403 828 188.

I guarantee that if you don’t get value for your time I will PAY YOU $50*.

*Complete the survey and I will pay you $50 for your time.


How can a Business Coach help you?


A Business Coach is someone who has substantial experience in business and can help you assess your current situation, set goals for greater profit with less time commitments, lay plans to achieve those goals and help you to implement those plans by using methods that put you into the lead in your market niche, and even expand into other untapped market niches.

John Laurenson - Business Coach

Want to work shorter hours and yet earn more money? You can!

Here's what people are saying about John...

Eric Leese, Cottage Carpentry.

Michael Ballard, Electrician.

Jesse Flanagan, Plumber.

Lyle Rodgers, GURU Sports Performance.

John Laurenson, Business Coach.